Summary of Washington's Will Requirements:

Minimum Age to Make a Will 18
Written Document Required Yes
Nuncupative Wills (Oral) Yes
Holographic Wills (Hand-Written, Unwitnessed) No
Number of Witnesses Required 2
Self-Proving Affidavit No
Statutory Form for Self-Proving Affidavit No




Statutes Governing Washington's Will Requirements:


Who may make a will

Any person of sound mind who has attained the age of eighteen years may, by last will, devise all his or her estate, both real and personal.

All wills executed subsequent to September 16, 1940, and which meet the requirements of this section are hereby validated and shall have all the force and effect of wills executed subsequent to the taking effect of this section.

Revised Code of Washington 11.12.010


Requisites of wills - foreign wills

(1) Every will shall be in writing signed by the testator or by some other person under the testator's direction in the testator's presence, and shall be attested by two or more competent witnesses, by subscribing their names to the will, or by signing an affidavit that complies with RCW 11.20.020(2), while in the presence of the testator and at the testator's direction or request: PROVIDED, That a last will and testament, executed in the mode prescribed by the law of the place where executed or of the testator's domicile, either at the time of the will's execution or at the time of the testator's death, shall be deemed to be legally executed, and shall be of the same force and effect as if executed in the mode prescribed by the laws of this state.

(2) This section shall be applied to all wills, whenever executed, including those subject to pending probate proceedings.

Revised Code of Washington 11.12.020


Nuncupative wills

Nothing contained in this chapter shall prevent any member of the armed forces of the United States or person employed on a vessel of the United States merchant marine from disposing of his wages or personal property, or prevent any person competent to make a will from disposing of his or her personal property of the value of not to exceed one thousand dollars, by nuncupative will if the same be proved by two witnesses who were present at the making thereof, and it be proven that the testator, at the time of pronouncing the same, did bid some person present to bear witness that such was his will, or to that effect, and that such nuncupative will was made at the time of the last sickness of the testator, but no proof of any nuncupative will shall be received unless it be offered within six months after the speaking of the testamentary words, nor unless the words or the substance thereof be first committed to writing, and in all cases a citation be issued to the widow and/or heirs at law of the deceased that they may contest the will, and no real estate shall be devised by a nuncupative will.

Revised Code of Washington 11.12.025


Signature of testator at his direction - Signature by mark

Every person who shall sign the testator's or testatrix's name to any will by his or her direction shall subscribe his own name to such will and state that he subscribed the testator's name at his request: PROVIDED, That such signing and statement shall not be required if the testator shall evidence the approval of the signature so made at his request by making his mark on the will.

Revised Code of Washington 11.12.030


Interested witness — Effect on will

(1) An interested witness to a will is one who would receive a gift under the will.

(2) A will or any of its provisions is not invalid because it is signed by an interested witness. Unless there are at least two other subscribing witnesses to the will who are not interested witnesses, the fact that the will makes a gift to a subscribing witness creates a rebuttable presumption that the witness procured the gift by duress, menace, fraud, or undue influence.

(3) If the presumption established under subsection (2) of this section applies and the interested witness fails to rebut it, the interested witness shall take so much of the gift as does not exceed the share of the estate that would be distributed to the witness if the will were not established.

(4) The presumption established under subsection (2) of this section has no effect other than that stated in subsection (3) of this section.

Revised Code of Washington 11.12.160


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