George SteinbrennerWe've had many requests for George Steinbrenner's last will and testament since his death on July 13th of this year.  We did manage to get a copy of his will from the Tampa, Florida probate court some time ago, but it took a while to get it up on our site.  Now, we've got it up and you can see George Steinbrenner's will in its entirety. 

For those who want to take the long route, his will is in our Estate Planning Section under Last Will and Testament, then Famous Wills | Wills of the Rich and Famous.  When you're there, take a look at all the other wills of the rich and famous that are displayed.  There's a lot to be learned from the way these people planned their estates.

By the way, George also left a first codicil to his last will and testament, which is also posted in our Famous Wills | Wills of the Rich and Famous section.  And, if you'd like a copy of the actual signed will and the actual signed codicil, just send us an email.